Properly Dealing With Baby Bats In The Attic

When bats are present in your home’s attic, taking the proper steps to remove them humanely and without hurting them in the process will be necessary. Baby bats require special care so they can be relocated in a way in which they will survive in the wild after being moved. Here are some tips to consider when dealing with a bat problem inside of the upper floor of a home.

Offer an Alternate Home For the Bats to Use

Consider placing a wooden bat house somewhere on your property within view of the attic. Bats tend to use these wooden homes during the daytime hours to roost, particularly if these wooden homes are conveniently located near a bat’s prey when nighttime arrives. This could be the first step in getting the bats and their babies out of your home. Purchasing a bat box or two can therefore be beneficial during the relocation process.

Get Prepared to Check Your Attic Regularly

There needs to be a way for the bats and their babies to exit from your attic without difficulty. An escape hatch of sorts, a void can be covered during daytime hours to keep bats from returning to your attic after they’ve already left for the night. The covering will need to be removed when twilight arrives so that any bats remaining inside your home will also be able to leave. Alternatively, a covering with a one-way escape route can be placed over a hole or crack that bats might use to leave the attic, preventing them from getting back in.

Call a Professional for Assistance

Even with this advice, it is best for you to contact the professionals who deal with these mammals on a regular basis. We know the tactics needed to remove bats and their babies in a safe and humane manner, allowing them to continue a healthy life outside of your home afterward. We can also offer you recommendations about how to keep bats away from your attic in the future as well. Call Summit Wildlife Solutions today if you have bats in your belfry!

Baby Bats in the Attic
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