Bat Problem

Bats can be a real problem for home owners. Tiny bats can get into your attic through even half-an-inch cracks. If you suspect you have a bat problem, just like any other pest, you need a professional to safely and humanely remove this species, so give Summit Wildlife Solutions Ltd. a call!

Bat Problem

Bat Problems

Bats bring more than one type of problem. If you hear rustling in your walls or attic, you might have bats living in your house or chimney. You may be suffering from the odour of bat droppings, also known as guano, which can be highly toxic. Bats can swarm your home and you can get a loose bat stuck flying around inside the living areas of your house. And, did you know that bats can carry rabies and pests similar to bed bugs? For these reasons and more, you will not want to delay if you detect bat problems at your Chilliwack or Fraser Valley home.

Bat Removal and Control

At Summit Wildlife Solutions Ltd., we can take care of effective, long-term bat removal and control. We search for and seal places of entry and prevent roosting and hibernation for Lower Mainland bat problems, too. Different bats have different birth and hibernation seasons, so we ensure that your bat problem is solved appropriately according to species. Bat trapping by yourself is a dangerous task that we advise against - you need the professionals, complete with respirators and safety equipment, to execute 100% safe and proper bat exclusion. Call us today for your free quote.