It’s Squirrel and Raccoon Baby Season!


Despite the wacky on and off BC snow we’ve been having, it’s time to realize that it is once again squirrel and raccoon baby season!
The warming weather and the time of year combine to create a season of newborn squirrels and newborn raccoons popping up all over the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley.

Leave Them Alone

As we have previously advised, no matter how much you might want to help out when you see baby raccoons or baby squirrels, leave them alone. There are several reasons for this warning.

  • Unlike domesticated animals, baby squirrels and baby raccoons are best left in the wild. They require different nutrition, experiences, and bonding than our domesticated pets. If these wee wildlife creatures are removed from their families and their surroundings, they may fail to thrive.
  • Just because they might be alone in their nesting areas doesn’t mean that their parents are absent (or worse). It likely means that the parents are out foraging for food or more nesting materials to keep their young safe and warm. Disrupting the babies’ nest might bring anger and attacks from unsuspecting returning parents.
  • The young might be more developed than you think. Just because they’re babies doesn’t mean that they might not be able to attack you if they feel threatened. So even if your goal is to help, it’s best to leave them alone to protect the babies and yourself.

What You Can Do

Call the professionals. Wildlife professionals know how to treat these fragile and vulnerable creatures. We even get calls from human societies, which are being inundated with calls from caring citizens who want to make sure the animals are safe and cared for. While we tend to leave them alone, if they are posing a harmful threat, they can be humanely removed, and that is something best left to the professionals and not the average homeowner. We can also ensure that, if your property is close to a nest, that your home is protected from their entering, even if the babies and their families are left to their own natural habitat (as is best).

Need a hand or some advice?

Call Summit Wildlife Solutions Ltd. today. We are proud to serve the Lower Mainland (call 604-803-WILD) and the Fraser Valley (call 778-201-RATS).


It’s Squirrel and Raccoon Baby Season!

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