Keep Critters Out of Your Warm Home During the Winter

winter critterDuring the winter months, you may be less likely to see or think about critters invading your home. However, these furry fellows, like you, may be looking for a nice warm place to escape the cold winter conditions outside and your home look awfully cozy to them. Following these simple tips can help ensure that the critters stay out in the cold and you get to enjoy your abode without their unwanted company.

1) Food Free:

Keep your winter foods, snacks, and drinks put away in containers that cannot be breached by persistent pests. Make sure you keep your countertops food free. This includes wiping countertops to remove any crumbs or other food debris. Do not forget that your pets’ food and treats can also look like yummy morsels to unwanted pests. Do not leave food out for pets. Keep all pet food and treats stored in containers.

2) No Entry:

Make sure that you have sealed any entry points that pests could take advantage of to gain access into your warm home. Pet doors can unfortunately also be pest doors. Carefully inspect your home for any possible access points and seal those points where possible.

3) Firewood Friends:

Check all firewood for pests before bringing the wood into your home. You do not want to be giving pests a free ride into your warm home. Keeping firewood off of the floor can also help ensure that pests do not have an easily accessible hiding place.

4) Detrimental Decorations:

Winter months are laden with holidays which can result in increased decorations in and around the home. These decorations are often stored in areas that are more easily accessible for pests. Ensure that decorations are free of pests before bringing them in your home. Additionally, decorations can cause increased clutter thus giving pests more places to hide. Decorate to your heart’s content, but be mindful of the pests you may be bringing in and the hiding places you are creating.

Following these simple tips will help ensure that the pests are left out in the cold.

Keep Critters Out of Your Warm Home During the Winter
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