Pigeon & Starling Control

Pigeons and starlings are a fact of life in Metro Vancouver. We feed them in the park but we shoo them away from our homes. Call Summit Wildlife Solutions Ltd. to help you with your pigeon & starling control.

Pigeon & Starling Control

Pigeon & Starling Control

We can help you learn how to deter pigeons and starlings from nesting in or visiting your property. Pigeons' droppings can carry diseases and the acid in their waste can erode structures over time. Do you see rust on your windowsills or roof overhangs? Summit Wildlife Solutions Ltd. can help you prevent pigeons and starlings from nesting under your eavestrough, on windowsills, or in your soffits or attic.

Pigeon and Starling Removal

By sealing up entrances and access points, we will humanely and safely remove pigeons, who are habitual roosters and have difficulty breaking their habits and thus may return again to your roof. We can permanently remove starlings from your home or business. Summit Wildlife Solutions Ltd. can also provide you with tips on how to clean up pigeon waste to prevent structural damage. Call us today for your free pigeon & starling control quote in Metro Vancouver.