Raccoon Removal

Raccoon Removal

Now servicing Surrey and the Fraser Valley. We're proud of our flourishing green space. But, this means our beautiful cities also have plenty of places raccoons can take shelter. Plus, these smart animals can cleverly find food and rest by opening lids or gates. They can even get into your homes, prompting the need for professional raccoon removal.

A Raccoon in the Attic?

Summit Wildlife Solutions Ltd.can help you out if a raccoon has figured its way into or under your house. These creatures can hide in between walls, in garages and sheds, under your porch, and in your attic, and they can nest for quite some time before you hear them rustling about. They can be rather quiet and sneaky, so you may not notice them until the damage is already done. Raccoons typically nest in attic areas to find safe shelter for their offspring. The main time each year for the majority of raccoons in the Metro Vancouver area to nest is April until late June. Keep in mind, however, that there is always the possibility of finding very young raccoon babies anytime between February and October.

Raccoon Damage

If a raccoon is not removed as soon as it is noticed, a great deal of damage to your home and property can occur, resulting in tens of thousands of dollars lost. These large animals can ruin insulation, devastate wiring, and chew through structures.

Raccoon Removal

Summit Wildlife Solutions Ltd. will humanely and safely remove raccoons that are stuck in your home or on your property.* Though you may be tempted to try it yourself, it is essential that you call the professionals, because raccoons are clawed and can be quite vicious, particularly if you have a busy mother raccoon trying to protect her young. Raccoons can have up to 15 dens within a one kilometre radius. We can also safely remove dead raccoons that had crawled underneath your shed or porch after being hit by a car, for example. Call us for your experienced, safe, and humane raccoon removal experts in Metro Vancouver.

Raccoon Control

Though raccoons are nocturnal creatures, we often see them throughout the day because, in the cities, they have adapted to human activity and we are essentially feeding them with the waste we create. In the country, raccoons tend to remain nocturnal. As such, city or country, we recommend:

  • Motion sensor lights to deter their invasion at night
  • Locking, not just closing, lids and latches
  • Cleaning up your yard or patio after an outdoor meal or bbq
  • Sharing these tips with your neighbours, so that a raccoon will not be tempted at their house, then come visit yours
  • Installing electric fences for private backyards (We do not set up electric fences on public-facing property. Please note: Summit does not sell or rent these electric fences but we can advise you on what steps to take.)

Raccoon Removal

Summit Wildlife Solutions Ltd. does the job right every time. We not only remove your raccoons but we can discuss strategies with you to help prevent them from reentering. Whenever possible, we strive to allow baby raccoons to rejoin their mothers in the nearby wild, with the hopes that the mothers will choose to relocate their young away from our job site. With our control efforts, and your smart property clean-up practices, we hope that any raccoons we remove from your attic or porch will choose to stay far away thereafter.

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* Please note: We do not set traps hoping for random occasional raccoon capture. We specifically service clients who call us when a raccoon is stuck or trapped in your home or on your property. We do not otherwise trap and relocate.